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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The American Queen Back-In-Town Yesterday

Once again, the grand American Queen showed up yesterday in the Yazoo Diversion Canal for her passengers to tour our civil war town for a half day before heading north.  As always, she is a majestic site to behold every time she comes to visit us with her excited passengers.  

Actually, I was right on top of her sitting on the new benches and took... 

...two shots of her.  I was lucky to video her pushing off with her calliope playing as she headed for the MS River going north.

I took this picture across from the Queen and had my back to The Old Depot Museum before I went and sat down on the benches.

As you can see from my two previous posts that the flood waters are receding very fast behind the floodwall.

The Grand American Queen moored!

A nice gentleman took my picture beside the American Queen and I took several pictures for him as well with the Queen.  

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