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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Feet High & Rising!

It looks like we will be singing this song from now on with the Mississippi River on the rise with a crest of 52.5 feet on May 13.  Flood stage here is 43 feet.  It is predicted to be the biggest flood since 1937.  It does not look good for Vicksburg. The last time we had a flood in 2008 the deer at Tara Wildlife, north of town, headed for the levee in droves.  It's really looking pretty bad the officials are saying.  The 1927 flood reached 56.2 feet here in Vicksburg.  In the flood of 1882 a person could take a boat from Vicksburg to Monroe, Louisiana, some 80 miles!  This was almost the case in the Flood of 1927.

2008 deer at Tara Wildlife


DeanO said...

It doesn't look good indeed - I pray for safety for all

Marian Ann Love said...

Thanks DeanO...that's all we can do!

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