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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New Flood Prediction

As stated in The Vicksburg Post yesterday, the river forecasters have now predicted that the MS River will reach 53.5 feet by May 18, a foot higher and 5 days later than was earlier forecast.  The farmers have begun to move their farm equipment to higher grounds and the City has closed several storm valves next to the Yazoo River Diversion Canal which runs in front of the City of Vicksburg.  I will be posting pictures of the flooding which is considered now to be the worst here since 1973 when it reached 51.6.  The 1927 flood reached 56.2 and the levees did not hold.

I'm now wondering if our Riverfront Park is in jeopardy!  Bob and I enjoy going down and watching the river traffic go by with the sounds of the children playing on the playground.  The park was not there in 1973 so this will be a wait and see situation. The other day we ventured down to the park again and I took some pictures of towboats making their way to their destination.  When the river rose back in March the riverboat pilots were having trouble navigating under the two bridges and trying not to hit the pier spans.  As you have read in my recent posts that a barge towing 30 barges filled with soybeans hit a pier span and broke up and barges went everywhere.  One barge did wrap around the I-20 span for a few weeks and had to be cut away.  This may be a pilot's worse nightmare with the Mighty Mississippi on the rise again and trying to maneuver under the unforeseen conditions to be.

Heading south!

The Crimson Glory in all her glory!

A huge vessel being pushed by...

...Towboat, Judith Ellen.

Found out through searching the vessel's name on the Internet that it had just been built in 2011 in PA and was on it's way to be delivered.

As the sun was going down we took pictures of each other.

The river would have to reach the top of this hill to get to us at the MS River overlook. Don't think it will get this far up but I am concerned about the Vicksburg Riverfront Park.


CDGardens said...

More than enough water sure isn't good when we aren't made for that type of environment.

Here's hoping things will turnout better for barge pilots and everyone living along the river than what has been forecast.That the high water will pass by more quickly for sure.

Stay safe!

Marian Ann Love said...

I don't think we have anything to worry about where we live now but feel for the ones on the lowing lying areas north and south of town. I can't believe that we are having so much bad weather all over the US now.
Hope it want be as bad as they are predicting for us and all the ones involved up and down the MS River.
Thanks for your visit CDGardens! :)

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