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Friday, April 08, 2011

Flying High Over The MS River

There was so much activity on the MS River near the bridges and at the MS overlook circle this past Wednesday, when I went by the first overlook and spotted something in the sky.  This is my favorite spot to take pictures of river traffic.  Of course, barge traffic was closed during the removal of the sunken barge on the I-20 pier.  If you notice in the bottom picture two ladies and a little boy are flying the kite at the Riverfront Park.  You can barely see the kite and is located above the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers boat near edge of the tree in the sky.  It was a windy and beautiful sunny day to fly a kite! 

1 comment:

DeanO said...

I love kite flying - it's been a couple years but I can only imagine the great wind coming off the MS river. Great pictures - fun times

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