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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Riverfront Park Treat

Yesterday evening Bob and I drove down to the Vicksburg Riverfront Park to enjoy some time just sitting on a bench and watching the lazy Mississippi River roll on by. We were lucky to see one barge going north just passing under the bridges when we got there.  I also noticed that it was very close to the Louisiana bank side.  Then coming around the bend another big barge going south.  All of a sudden we heard a boat motor and as it appeared from behind the trees it was racing towards the bridges going south.  A lot of action on the river all at once!  We also took pictures of each other.  It was a beautiful windy day and it was a perfect one to go down to the park and enjoy the scenic view of the Mighty Mississippi.

Could not see the name very clearly on this towboat pushing empty barge containers up the river.  I was surprised how close the pilot was to the bank.  

Passing each other in the bend of the river.

Small motor boat racing by.

The Gene Neal Towboat

Heading towards New Orleans!



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