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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Rising River

Yesterday evening went to the overlook to check the rising river and perhaps catch a towboat or two heading to their destinations.  Soon saw this barge heading north towards the bend in the river. 

It was a first for me to see two towboats pushing a barge.  On the towboat facing is Capt. W.D. Nunley and could not make out the other one.

With the MS River on the rise, I'm sure Diamond Jacks Casino and the Riverfront Park will be in harms way.  To the right is the entrance into the Yazoo Diversion Canal to Vicksburg's waterfront and the Port of Vicksburg. 

Getting ready to make the big wide turn in the river...

...and heads west into the sun.

Another boat approaches the towboats.  It's a possibility that it could be taking the towboats some groceries. My brother used to work for ERGON at the Port of Vicksburg and managed the store.  If they needed any supplies or whatever the towboats would call in an order and meet the boats passing through Vicksburg.


DeanO said...

Amazing pictures - I've been trying to keep up with the mighty river and I understand the damage the flooding can do could be immense. We will pray for safety!

Marian Ann Love said...

Thanks DeanO...will try to post pictures as things progress. A highway north of town going towards Eagle Lake (with lake homes, stores, Tara Wildlife, camps, etc.) may close as early as tomorrow. Backwater is getting onto the road soon making it impassable. Volunteers around town are helping the victims to get their belongings out. That has to be very stressful.

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